Ford Top Fuel

Our 1/6 size replica includes the following features:

  • Supercharged 427 Ford SOHC – 8,000 horsepower drag racing engine
  • Circa 1967
  • Highly detailed GMC blower case includes real compression springs and bolts that can be seen just below the front case cover.
  • Real chrome plated blower scoop complete with butterfly vanes and spring linkage.
  • Nitro methane and fuel hoses
  • Ribbed blower belt turns  the blower, crankshaft and idler pulleys
  • Heavy duty fuel pump with high pressure braided fuel line
  • Heavy duty racing distributor and magneto
  • Heavy duty ignition wiring
  • Hollow tube exhaust pipes, just like the real thing
  • Racing oil manifold and hoses
  • Low profile dragster oil pan
  • Plated valve covers.